Saturday, October 28, 2006

Re: Your Halloween outfit. Because you're, like, so important


Every year on Franklin Street girls spend money going to sites like to purchase the most sluttiest "sexiest" costumes known to mankind. The "sexy"Mad Hatter. The "sexy" FBI agent. The "sexy" stereotypical white trash wife. And you know what, Paris: It's all been done before.

Just like this "sexy" policewoman.

I hope you didn't pay over $100 for the outfit, because it looks like you can buy the whole outfit for one dollar per item at the Dollar Tree.

I know you're not known for originality, but if you must impress the paparazzi, I suggest you wear what your boyfriend's wearing.

A hippie priest/flasher? Now that's a great idea for a Halloween costume!

Penny Woods

(To X17: I'm not that guy with that ugly pink blog, and yes, I took the photos via ONTD, but I'll take them down if you want me to because, well, I'm not that guy with that ugly pink blog.)


really confused said...

thank you for that. Paris is such a HAM. Love your blog. I write letters to people too, I just throw mine away, makes me feel better

Anonymous said...

Hey Penny:
Thanks for insulting that "ugly pink blog". He allowed a grievous racial slur to be posted on his "ugly pink blog" and wouldn't take it down even when people requested. I refuse to read that"ugly pink blog" anymore. I don't care enough about white folk's business anyway.

Penny Woods said...

I used to read it, but he kept attacking my girl Mimi to uphold Madonna--I thought that was stupid. I stay away from him and his whenever possible. And by "whenever possible," I mean "any place where I can control what I'm surfing on the 'Net or watching TV."