Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Re: Worst Halloween Costume Ever. Maybe.

Um, person that is supposed to be married to Britney Spears,

I know you had a show last night in LA where people booed you, but I'm perplexed by your sorry Halloween outfit.

It's just like that weird thing that Paris wore to some Halloween party, except it's even more confusing. What are you supposed to be, eh? Lestat as a rapper? Count Van Winkle? Or just a guy that can't rap wearing a stupid cape because he figured out that being himself is the worst thing he could be for Halloween?

I'll have to say it's the latter. With lyrics like "Dudes hate K-Fed/Girls love K-Fed (oh, really?)/it don't matter to me because K-Fed stay fed" and sucky sales (don't even ask if you're on iTunes' Top Albums list), despite lame attempts at promotion, I'd be embarrassed to be myself too.

Penny Woods

(Pic: DListed)

(Partially inspired by this Cele|bitchy post; even has link for original source for K-Fed scan link)

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