Monday, October 23, 2006

Re: That kimono


I know you've had some sort of a strange Asian, uh, "fetish" thing for several years. The "If" video, the need to incorporate Asian imagery in every tour since the janet. tour, the fact that "China Love" was inspired by a past life reading...We get it, Janet, you like Asian culture.

This publicity stunt in Japan, however, is taking it too far.

The kimono does not say to me that you are promoting 20 Y.O. in Japan. It says that you either

a) want to be Stella the Storyteller of Barney and
(You know, there was this one time when Stella came through her magic door to the Official Barney and Friends Elementary School (R) [when they still had an elementary school] in a kimono and claimed she "visited" Japan. I'm amazed that she didn't "claim" the
Japanese didn't pelt her with
something that's not available in the States just yet, like
portable oxygen.), or
b) are spending too much time on your Asian fetish.

I suggest that you and Rivers Cuomo start a group for people like you two and call it Celebrity Asianoholics Anonymous. Together, you can fight the scourage that is the addiction to Asians and Asian culture.

I still love you,

Penny Woods

(Pics: YBF, Ms. Special)

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shayla said...

janet you was dead wrong for marring my husband bitch!!!!