Saturday, August 26, 2006

Re: Yet another cover. Please stop making me address your damn covers

Beyonce, honey,

I was dismayed at your latest cover for your latest single.

Look, I appreciate that you really care about defying the stereotype that African-Americans are more prone to be "alligator bait" than any other race.

But I thought "Ring the Alarm" was about...well, it's not about you in an ugly bathing suit in heels with two badly-placed alligators in a swamp. I think the song's about a woman trying to keep an unfaithful man.

Problem is, I don't see the man, so are you trying to scare him too? I mean, the ugly bathing suit's enough to make him jump in the swamp and kill himself. However he dies is up to your imagination, uh, Bee.

Penny Woods

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Rissy said...

Girl, I love your site. I clicked on the link by accident and when I saw Penny Woods, I thought this was just a tribute to Good Times.

Was I ever wrong. Lol

Your views are too funny and I enjoy coming here when I need a good laugh. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure i understand the single cover, a little odd to me but i really don't care for covers. The music is what matters and Ring the Alarm is dope! I'm playing the CD now...yep went out and bought it.