Monday, August 28, 2006

Re: Idlewild

Dear Associated Press,

I just happened to read this article via the Blackfolks community about how you thought that "Idlewild" didn't exist in Atlanta.

Instead of checking your facts about any other Idlewilds that might exist in the US, one of your writers was like, "Uh-uh, no. There's only one Idlewild, and that's in Michgan. Let's rile up some Negroes."

Okay, yes, there is an Idlewild in Michgan, and yes, it was a large African-American tourist spot.

But there's also an Idlewild in Atlanta, and although it's a ranch, it's called the Idlewild, all right. It inspired the title of the Allman Brothers' Idlewild South album.

I suppose you have Stephen Glass working with y'all as a factchecker. I suggest you fire him and get some new people that can actually factcheck your articles before you upset the delicate balance of the Blackfolks community on LJ again.

Penny Woods

P.S. Blackfolks community: PLZ add me. I've applied twice. Twice, okay? I'm a really smart and insightful person. I can make a difference on your Livejournal blog. I'll do anything! PLZ add me. (pouting)

(Pics: AP website, MS Special)

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