Thursday, August 24, 2006

Re: Your Sidekick photos

Dear Ne-Yo,

You've heard of this woman's Sidekick being hacked, right?

Well, what about this guy's Sidekick allegedly being hacked?

You'd think you would have known, after these Sidekick scandals, to avoid having pictures and information taken off your Sidekick (let alone take stupid private pictures on it). Then again, I think pussy offten occupies your mind, so it's no wonder you didn't think of not taking pictures of yourself getting head on a cell phone.

Someone (a rightfully pissed off female dancer of yours) took these wonderful pictures of you getting head from one of your dancers off your Sidekick. (Links within link may be NSFW.)

Well, we don't exactly know if it's you yet. It could be a male impersonator with a dildo. Quick, pull an R. Kelly and deny that you're in the pictures!

Regardless of these photos, I have already established that you have a problem.

Seriously, you need to start a club for people like you.

You know what you should call it?

The LL Cool J Memorial Club for Anonymous Male SuperHos.

You know who you should get as your president: Michael Knight. I bet he'll know how to save male superhos like you.


Penny Woods

(Pics:, Wikipedia, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

Oh, and this happened, too:

A-Train said...

If a ninja turtle can get "hooked up", what does that say about the world we live in?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Very hilarious.