Monday, April 03, 2006

Re: The post that might destroy a reputation...(mine)--or not

Dear Perez Hilton,

I really don't get this post you did about Queen Latifiah and that chick that won one of the America's Next Top Model cycles.

You put up this tidbit that "[y]our friends at People" "told" (read: we found this at and we decided we'd take it, but for once, we'll give credit where credit is due) you about on your blog.

Queen Latifah invit[ed] America's Next Top Model winner Naima Mora to do shots at the bar of the Bombay Sapphire Lounge at Tribeca Cinemas before screening the urban drama ATL. Jay-Z, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and the ubiquitous Usher also watched the rapper T.I.'s movie debut.

All of a sudden, you assume that the Queen's gay and she takes advantage of non-lesbians.

So that's the Queen's gimmick? She gets the straight (or possibly bi) girls drunk as a skunk and them takes advantage of them.*

This must mean if any of my girls ask me on a bar crawl, I'll instantly turn into a lesbian! Ooh, can't wait!

Seriously, where in the last passage does it say that the Queen is gay? I know that's a rumor that's been floating around for forever about the Queen's sexuality, but damn, has she come out and said, "Hello, world, I am a lesbian?" No. The Queen and Naima are friends, for all we know, and until you have proof by having one of your goons photography the Queen in bed with a woman in some type of compromising sexual position, you can't claim that she is a lesbian.

(I have a feeling your goons are spying on the Queen as we speak like those twits that run that show Cheaters while you're hanging out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan trying to kiss their asses.)

Oh, yes, what's up with this line?

P.S. Nice dig at Usher.

I mean, I don't know if you've heard of it yet, but there's this invention called a dictionary and if you used it, all the article is saying is that he's everywhere. Not so much a "dig" as it is a complaint.

That's odd. Unless I keep flipping past pictures of Usher at Concrete Loop and crunk and disorderly and even ONTD!, I just remember that he was at some Scientology function with Tom Cruise before
Xenu took him away in a spaceship for a few months, dropping him off in time for the ATL premiere.

Grow up, will you,

Penny Woods

N.B. Excuse me, America. I'm going to kick myself in the ass for feeding a troll. Be back soon.

*Actual quote from the post, unaltered (as opposed to the People quote, which was edited to fit the context of the post).

(Pics: Regretably from Perez Hilton [which I will not link to], MS Special)


nOva said...

Ha!!! I love the shade!!

Hetairai said...


kindafamous said...

I love your blog, but it's all entertainment. Don't throw shade at Perez, telling him to grow up. I'm sure there are things you've said that are just as controversial and immature. Perezhilton is a gossip site, for pete's sake! What else do you expect? Less than 50% of the stuff on those sites are confirmed by the actual celebs. Maybe you should stop trying to gain notoriety by attacking a blogger with more hits than you.

Penny Woods said...

To kindafamous (a.k.a. Scared Anonymous Person That Likes Perez Hilton But Does Not Know Why I Have A Grudge Against Him, And Will Not Come Back To Read This Comment):

Yes, I know that Perez has more hits than me. He has more links to popular sites and BlogAds (which I cannot do because of dorm rules in my area) than I do. And I don't give a fuck, as long as I have somebody reading my rants.

I used to read Perez, but I got sick of the immaturity (on all sides, posters and Perez's staff) and whatnot, so this letter was more of a complaint than it was an attack (especially since he claimed that the Queen was gay in the post without basis). If I ever became a Perez Hilton type and sold myself out to E! and Muchmusic and all that, I couldn't live with myself. You'll also note that I refused to link to Perez's site in the post, meaning that I didn't want anybody to go to his site via mine.

Yet I'm sure some moron that reads Perez Hilton will alert him to this post.

And if you spend time at ONTD, whenever someone puts up something from Perez's site, a lot of people complain, mostly because he swipes stuff from ONTD and several other sites without giving credit 80% of the time. And he never really has any exclusives but only 5% of the time.

Oh, yeah, I take my stuff from gossip blogs (and most of their stuff is reliable, unlike Perez's dumb speculation), so if you don't like the heat here, go somewhere else, okay? Preferably not a gossip site on my blogroll.

And one more thing: Pajiba already did a review on him (, so why don't you go attack Dustin (who wrote the review) next? They get more hits than I do!

kindafamous said...

Hey, the scared ( internet drive-by or something?) anonymous person came back to read your response, and I am still pro-perez. Honestly, I don't have a bloger account..but if you wanted my full name and social security number I would gladly give it to you.

Penny Woods said...

^Why bother?

boogie tonight V2 said...

lmao...f'ah perez... he dont care about black people

Yeah, I said it! said...

when you are on top..some ppl hate.
i read perez..been there from the start with that ugly brown template lol but as of late..i dont understand all the hate (not trying to rhyme)
dont diss the blogger diss the current state of celebrity that feeds this kind of stuff. its the paris hilton syndrome. yea she is a parasite but we keep feeding the parasite and then get mad when she does something we think is crass or stupid. what came first the chicken or the egg..the gossip blog or the stupid stuff that one does to make the blog.
its hard out here for a person period...if you can get famous off bullshit then hey more power to ya.