Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Re: Your appearance on Vh1 Hip Hop Honors (2006)

Kimberly Jones,

I don't know what I was doing to completely forget that you were on Vh1's Hip Hop Honors, but I caught part of it while I was doing nothing on the Internet.

I liked what you wore to the show.

Too bad it took jail for you to wear that sweatsuit (methinks).

I'll keep that in mind if you ever lose the weight and show up on Go Fug Yourself anytime soon. I'll be sure to send you a year's supply of Popeyes courtesy of Beyonce. You know she doesn't want to be caught with a bucket of that stuff unless she wanted to look like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man in her next video for B'Day (which will double as a commerical for Ritalin).

Penny Woods

(Pics: Vh1.com screencap, Ms. Special)

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Peach said...

LMAO that was harsh on beyonce LMAO