Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Re: That "famous model"

Dear sweet, crazy Tyra,

Something is really bothering me, and I vowed in my head that I was not going to talk about ANTM on my blog again unless something like this happened and I actually cared to talk about it, but I've given up. And this time, it's about you.

We all remember this. You getting Naomi Campbell on your talk show and forgiving each other about the bitchiness in your past. And then you introduced your, um, "Seven Deadly Sins of Sisterhood:"

Yet on tonight's episode of ANTM, you referred to your problems with "a famous model" (or whatever you said to try to conceal what you meant to those hapless Cycle 7 girls) in your past.

Bitch please. We all know that you're talking about Naomi.

I would brush it off as just another Tyraism, but you already did this when you made the Cycle 6 girls walk in those platform shoes.

I think you're suffering from one of your commandments: resentment for not being Naomi and not having the guts to whack Mr. Jay in the head with a bejeweled Blackberry for being annoying and from being

So, my dear, sweet Tyra, I have three bits of advice for you to finally have to guts to stop referring to Naomi as "that famous model" and finally get over that period in your life where Naomi allegedly abused you.

  • Write: "I will never speak ill of Naomi again" on a chalkboard 100 times.
  • Licence this song to play when the models get eliminated.

  • Wear this shirt to work someday.


Penny Woods said...

Found the clip where she mentions the "supermodel"--it's near the end of the clip, around 8:52:

summer said...

and what about the photo shoot where a model is hitting her assistant with a cell phone. hmm, wonder who that was about? get over it, tyty.