Sunday, October 15, 2006

Re: Press Play

Dear Diddy Sean Combs,

Sorry it took so long to respond. I have a life to live. I can't be dissin' people all day, you know.

I've heard Press Play.

I think the cover art and CD insert artworkof the album doesn't exactly fit the music.

Press Play will not inspire nude women around you. It will not also inspire anyone to grab any woman's crotch. Hell, it won't have the same effect as a Marvin Gaye, Barry White or Isley Brothers record.

I think you should have used these pictures for the cover art and inserts of Press Play.

You know he's going to kick your ass in the afterlife because you're using his legacy to sell your shitty records, right?

Penny Woods

(Pics:, crunk and disorderly,, via Wikipedia, Ms. Special)

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Your Girl said...

Girl, too funny! I just now discovered your site and am amused. I'll probably start visiting your site on the regular now. Thanks for your future efforts in helping me procrastinate.
- Your Girl