Friday, September 08, 2006

Re: (Getting arrested in an expensive car for traffic violations)

Dear Curtis Jackson,

You have a mansion in Connecticut. You have kids. You have plans for making Jay-Z pay for accepting the head honcho job at Def Jam.

Then Gawker thinks you were arrested for selling cocaine (but they're wrong) about some odd minutes ago while I was trying to log in.

You were even caught with this expensive car that has those doors that don't open like other doors.

All I can say is if you're trying to increase record sales for G-Unit, I don't think you succeeded.

Penny Woods

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Ms. Monica said...

He’s a doofus (For some reason that’s the word of the week for me)! Maybe he had something up his anus at the time that was keeping him from thinking straight? What made him think that he could be a black man (a rapper at that) driving thru Manhattan in an expensive sports car that is unregistered and uninsured while having an expired license and then proceed to make illegal lane changes? Did he think he was above the law?

Everyone knows that if you are uninsured and unregistered and don't have a license that you drive really careful. He should have been arrested for stupidity alone.