Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Re: Your shorts


I'm guessing this is for the tour, right?

I love you, girl, but seriously, after seeing this,

may I suggest you not go back to your "Heartbreaker" days and put on at least one of those too-tight dresses that cover your ass, dahling?

I don't care if you have to cut a slit in a one-of-a-kind-it-will-shrink-because-it-is-Italian-cotton dresses, put something on to cover your ass, girl, because you know those fans that actually want to kiss your ass the way it is in that photo aren't going to say anything.

I still love you,

Penny Woods

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The Hive Mind said...

She needs to put on some clothes! I personally like Mimi better when she was covered up, pre-Butterfly. Ah, the good old days.