Saturday, July 29, 2006

Re: America's Got Talent

For anyone interested, I've posted my thoughts on the The Way It Is letter in the comments section of that post, and I'm sure I'll upset anyone who thinks Cole is "real"... again.

Dear, er, um, the Hoff,

My mother was so excited when she saw on the news that you were prevented from boarding a flight because you appeared drunk. She thought it would affect viewership for America's Got Talent.

Then again, she watches some of the worst "rockers" in history butcher Nirvana songs, so what does she know?

What concerns me is that you're thinking about leaving America's Got Talent because you want to do a show called...Travels with the Hoff.

Seriously, are you so vain that you think people are watching the show just to gawk at your cast and call you "the Hoff?"

People are not watching America's Got Talent because of you. They are watching because they want to see a 70-something year old woman wear a nightgown and rap. (There's some other people that are talented as well, but apparently she's the forerunner right now according to you and your fellow judges.)

If you ever want to have a career not making bad pop records in Germany for life, it would be in your best interest to stay on America's Got Talent and make death threats to jugglers and anything like jugglers.

Penny Woods

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Anonymous said...

I need to say this. I am an African American "sistah" in Los Angeles. I saw "the Hoff" in LA and I still can't get over it. I just stopped in my tracks and stared at him. He is one of the finest men I have ever seen. TV REALLY does not do him justice. know I sound crazy and I would have said the same thing about myself before that moment. At that point, I realized why he was so big in Germany. It is not his music. THIS MF IS FINE AS HELL! Tall as hell and I couldn't even look directly in his face because he is just gorgeous and I rarely like caucasian men. I am with him... fuck the gong show. Realize that this is his career. I know I am going to get the bag but I just don't care. He is that fine.