Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The pictures on my comment verification aren't coming up on this computer I'm stuck with, so I've decided to make this a new post.

Dear FAYTH and everybody that's like FAYTH,

You don't have to read this blog.

You don't have to leave a stupid comment on this blog saying "NOBODY CARES ABOUT UR OPINION." Apparently people do like reading my opinions.

You don't like it? Don't cry about it. Go somewhere else. I would suggest some options, but I'm sure I'll agitate a few more people like I did in that post about that guy that owns that ugly pink blog.

Penny Woods

(Edit: Seriously, stop attempting to prove you're smarter than me by calling me a fukwit. That's not even a word.)


Malcolm Ecstasy said...

You aint never lied about that, girl! Keep on pushing those keys.

~Allie. said...

I love this site. I never comment to say so b/c your letters say it all but you keep me laughing girl.

Cerella said...

Amen Penny!!! :)