Friday, June 02, 2006

Re: Mariah Carey Tickets!

Dear America,

Sorry for leaving such a sad message last time I was here.

I have nothing new to report.

My sorry-ass excuse: Despite missing out on the special Wednesday offers that Mariah was hawking on TRL and 106 and Trash Park (that is, type TRL or BET to get pre-sale tickets for the concert), I've just scored tickets for Mariah Carey's concert in Atlanta. I paid for a ticket in Section 106 at the Phillips Arena (about $80). It's the best I can do without paying 20 bucks to get into the nosebleeds. I need transportation money too, you know. I can't afford those $130 floor seats! I need to get back to North Carolina or I'll never graduate at UNC!

I tell you this not because I strive to be like Trent or a certain Madonna-loving, Mariah-bashing blogger I loathe, but this will probably affect my thinking for the rest of the evening. That and most likely that week in August I won't be blogging.

The downside: telling my mother this ticket isn't exactly for the weekend like I first thought it was.

I'll try harder next week.

(Note to self: watch Best Week Ever and The Soup for ideas.)

Penny Woods

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