Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Re: Your Vibe online interview

Dear Khia,

How are you going to say this

Are your kids allowed to listen to your music?

Khia: Yeah, they listen to the music. They know to listen to the clean version when I am around, but I know they don’t when I’m not. Kids are kids.

when Vibe quotes you as saying this

I’m kind of like the porn in the music business: I rap for people 18 and up. A lot of my songs are sexual and relationship orientated. I go through a lot of things with men, and I love sex so I speak about that. My stuff is for grown people, not for kids.

and they even put part of the quote near your picture in the article?

How are you going to say that your music is for adults when you let your kids listen to the clean version of your raps...and then assume they listen to the dirty version?

Do you think your kids aren't going to put two and two together?

But my big problem is why you think your music is considered "porn rap" or whatever you think your music is like.

Don't you know the target audience of 106 and Trash Park isn't made up of 18+ year olds?

Don't act like you don't know who voted for "My Neck, My Back" 20 years ago.

Then again, why am I talking to a woman who thinks she's a gangster gangstress after racking up a few felonies and misdemeanors?

Never mind.

Penny Woods

(Pics: Vibe.com, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

Tip: crunk and disorderly


Doing this before Fresh gets me.

Miss Kitty said...

The posts about Khia are killing me, both yours and Fresh's. Wish she'd just admit she's a one-hit wonder and move on.

But I still have to admit "Lick It" is catchy...like earworm catchy. [big sigh]

Anonymous said...

Khia.....she's a joke!

SnapDragon said...

I hate everything about this girl. Please tell me someone saw her mugshots/ Baltimore Hair Show Extravaganza.

Penny Woods said...

I did.

No comment on that hair show.