Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Re: Blood Money

Dear Prodigy and Havoc, also known as Hollywood Hav and Ballerina L-M-N-O V.I. Las Vegas (what the fuck?) P, but best known as Mobb Deep,

I love your music. I love all your old singles from the 90s. I even liked that "Cold As Ice" joint you did with Foreigner. Granted, some of the singles you did prior to kissing 50's ass signing with G-Unit weren't that good. But damn, all those singles you released prior to "Outta Control" sound like works created by Mozart next to that song (as well its vomit-inducing video).

Recently I listened to Blood Money.

I was stunned that it has a decent rating on Metacritic (as of the time and date of this post).
I was even stunned to see your asses on CRap City, and, months ago, TRL (although if you asked any random yahoo that watches that show, I guess they would assume that you were the first two members that were kicked out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers instead of, well, the guys that brought us "Shook Ones").

Recently I also had to perform a scene in my directing class when I was frustrated with my acting partner's rambling speech in Wit.

If I had this album playing while I was acting, I would have been frustrated to the point where I would have started destroying tables and acting cubes and causing all sorts of property damage.

In other words, I would be completely out of character. However, I would still be frustrated, my directing class would have loved the performance because I had achieved one of my scene goals, and after being arrested by campus police, I would have still made an A in my class! Damn you, Mobb Deep! You could have made my performance better through your crappy album!

Good luck kissing 50's ass with the rest of your career,

Penny Woods

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Penny Woods said...

And, apparently, 106 and Trash... I meant Park as well. (sigh)

Jesse said...

i saw them play at the 930 club in dc last night. they also have a string of unsuccesful side projects.. noyd, the infamous mobb.. etc

Anonymous said...

Wrong Penny. FYI - M.O.P. did that "Cold As Ice" song from their 2000 "Warriorz" album. See? (http://www.ohhla.com/YFA_mop.html#warriorz)

(Sniff) I miss pre - G-Unit Mobb Deep.