Sunday, April 30, 2006

Re: "I'm sick of motherfuckers tryin' tell me that they're down with Prince"*

50 Cent Jr. Ne-Yo,

This should have been easy for me.

I should have came up with an insult the moment I read this:

I want to hear Prince singing some of my lyrics before I die...

It took me a day to figure out what I wanted to say. I wanted to go the "Prince's a Jehovah's Witness! He wouldn't touch 'When You're Mad' (let alone you)" route at first.

I wanted to combine this little quote of yours with this video.

I wanted to talk about "So Sick" and how it wouldn't stand up to the worst songs in Prince's catalogue.

Now since I don't have to stare at a computer screen waiting for things to print out, I can finally type this, what I should have said a day ago:

Prince doesn't know who you are.

Thank you.

Penny Woods

P.S. Tell your manager that I'd rather hear In My Own Words on a loop while looking at that dumb poem on the back of the In My Own Words jewel case for the rest of my life than beat you up for your chain and money--you'll need to use that when your advance runs out and you have to work beside Bow Wow cooking fries and reheating hamburgers at McDonalds. Smile!

(Pics:, MS Special)

*Lyric from Hot Chip's "Down with Prince" from their album Coming On Strong.


The Hive Mind said...

I don't like Ne-Yo, just don't get why people have been going nuts for this guy.

That's a pretty bold statement he made. Prince singing some of his lyrics? As if! And you're right, Prince don't even know who he is.


This video looks has obvious product placement with the Nokia mobile and HP laptop. Something about that...annoys me.

Saun said...

HA ha ha ha ha! "Prince doesn't know who you are." Of all the things you could have said I think that one sums it up best. I'm still laughing at that one.

Anonymous said...

OH, I took it as...he wishes to write a song for Prince one day...since he's a songwriter as well as a vocalist. That's a funny take you have on it though. I love the blog!

The LoveHater said... it just ME or is NE-OH just imitating Usher imitating Michael Jackson? [oh no, not him again!]

Anonymous said...

DAMN penny!!....u got him bad

oh and for the record, Ne-Yo sounds like Usher cos he's been writin for him for a hot minute