Friday, April 28, 2006

Re: Horseman

Dear BET,

First last year's BET Awards, and now this (along with the Mission: Impossible 3-themed Saturday).

Not to sound racist and not to sound lke I want to ban all white people from BET, but since when did this little crazy man-horse person, a man that I have refused to put on my blog after all the crazy shit he's done in the past few weeks,

deserve to be on BET?

I know I should turn away if I don't like your programming, but if there's nothing on TV and I don't want to see a bunch of no-names lipsync on Soul Train, I watch your network...with the mute button turned off. But the sight of a horse-man being on your network along with Ving Rhames (an actual human being, by the way) is going to scare the bejesus out of me. Especially if Ving doesn't smack Horseman upside the head like he was supposed to months ago while filming M:I3.

If you must ban a white man on BET, make it this man ASAP.

Please get that crazy motherfucker away from your network and put him back in the pasture with the other horses he desperately needs to be with.

Penny Woods

(Pics: via A Socialite's Life, MS Special)


Elle B. said...

it could be Bill O'reilly...but I see your least he claims to like Black people...

The Hive Mind said...

I use to be a big fan of Tom Cruise. Now, all I see when I see him is his trampoline antics on Oprah's couch last year. This man has lost it!

Bhopal said...

Crazy as he is, I think BET should intergrate more races on it's network.

Yeah Tom Cruise isn't really the right person to do so but it's Jamie Foxx ass that started this whole thing bringin him on 106 & Park.

shan said...

I'm dead from your comments on crazy ass Tom. Honestly, I think he pimps black folks, acting like he likes us so we will watch his movies.