Friday, April 28, 2006

Re: Your potentially crazy girlfriend

Tyler Perry,
If you don't know by now, I hate Media Take-Out with a passion.

I hate them so much that whenever someone at ONTD posts anything about Media Take-Out and I try to tell them that Media Take-Out bullshits at least some of their stories (i.e. "Terrence Howard is gay!" "Eminem is suicidal!") people look at my posts like I'm crazy (like someone in the community who suggested I look at Eminem's lyrics at proof that he's suicidal--despite the fact days after the rumor Eminem was at Proof's funeral. I refuse to comment).

I didn't believe that you were linked to this crazy woman at first.

Until the Boston Herald put out their report. (I found it at DListed, BTW.)

And while I was out enjoying some local block parties that the town I live in won't cancel and the student paper won't write bad editorials about, solitare found this and posted it at crunk and disorderly.

It must be at least 30% true. You must being seeing this crazy woman in some way.

Tyler, stop seeing her.

She's just going to make crazy faces to all your relatives and speakreallyfastwhenshesreallyhappy!

Look, Crazy Woman is what keeps me from relaxing when I watch The Crazy Former Model Talk Show (but, oddly enough, not America's Next Top Model because she usually doesn't appear in the whole episode). I don't care if you're (allegedly) gay or not, step away from the Crazy Woman. She's about as dangerous as an actual Weapon of Mass Destruction except she talks and has her own shows and even a music video which should qualify as a WMD when it was revealed to the American public.

Penny Woods

(Pics: Tyler Perry's official page,, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

Sorry about the delay. My computer slowed down and I needed to delete some temporary files.

The Hive Mind said...

Tyra Banks and Tyler Perry...hmmm. Did she chase him down because she thought their names would be cute linked together? Or is Tyra just crazy like you suggested?

The Black & Asian Bandit said...

Just thinking about this makes me ill. It's nasty....NASTY!!!!!!!