Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Re: Right now

Dear America,

Heckle me if you want, but I like Jade from America's Next Top Model.

And although I'm using some of Jade's phrases from the mid-season recap special, I still think she gets a bad reputation because the editors at ANTM made her seem like a heartless bitch towards Gina the Human-Biting Korean-American.

I plan to type up a few more posts before retiring from this blog tonight.

I was going to put up the Khia post earlier, but I ended up
  • watching Nah Right because I botched my comment to the Blood Money post and I'm feeling some "tornness" because I came off as having a bit of "arrogantness"
  • getting an allergy itch in my eye
  • getting a fever and feeling like I'm going to vomit, but I know I won't vomit
Hence the delay.

So don't be surprised if I end up creating a few words like Jade tonight. I apologise if I'm not as "analystic" as I usually am and my "decipheration" is off. I'll be better tomorrow. I'm sure you understand.

Penny Woods

(Pics: The Open Clip Art Gallery, UPN.com, MS Special)


Brandon said...

I fucking love Jade, and she better win it all now that Furonda, my other favorite, is gone.

D said...

I love Jade too. I have liked her from the beginning. Great work , great site ( I am UNC-CH alum, btw, showing some love..LOL!)