Monday, May 08, 2006

Re: Your problem with gaps

Dear, sweet, crazy Tyra,

How are you going to ask why

kept the gap in his mouth on today's episode of your talk show

but you forced

to fix hers on America's Next Top Model?

Did you shiver when you were talking about the people with gaps in their teeth in your family when you talk to Bobby?

Were you wearing a diaper when you told Bobby that so you wouldn't wet your pants?

Can't you get those people that helped conquer your fear of dolphins (dolphins?) get rid of your
fear of gaps?

Trust me, Tyra, you will not wake up in Danielle's former gap. Danielle wouldn't allow it.

Penny Woods

(Pics:,, MS Special)


The LoveHater said...

Oh god, I HATE it when dolphin sit next to me on the bus or the train! Freaks me the FUCK out!!!

Miss Ahmad said...

telling like is!

go girl!

Georgiapeach said...

When I saw the show, that was my first thought! Great letter. Personally, I think she was just trying to poke fun at him. I bet her cousins are like, that broad is so fake.