Saturday, May 06, 2006

Re: The May GQ

You'd better hope that this is a rumor, Michael.

You're bitching about your portrayal by someone that specializes in impersonating you in this month's GQ. (Article here, but there is one photo available online which I will repost below. And damn, that impersonator looks better than you nowadays.)

This after you successfully got BET to kiss your ass pull Eminem's "Without Me" video from their network when that cretin Bob Johnson was in charge.

Oh, sure, it's "wrong" when a "fellow musician" makes fun of you and refuses to kiss your ass.

But parodies like this one from MADtv are okay.

I'm guessing you, at 47 years old, still think that you're a 12-year-old kid and that you can throw tempers at whatever offends you that isn't playing past your bed time (which I assume is before 11 pm EST).

Look, Michael. The world is not run by children yet (a hope that you expressed in that thankfully out of print book Dancing the Dream). You'll know when that will happen. The Apocalypse will have come and killed everybody on Earth because some baby pressed a button that triggered the world's supply of nuclear weaponry. Stop throwing hissy fits--we have a Constitution that allows us freedom of speech and freedom of the press. You can lobby against it those things at the Capitol--oh, that's right, you moved to Bahrain. Guess there's no use for you to try and challenge US law, is there?

Penny Woods

(Pics: Wikimedia Commons, MS Special)

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The Hive Mind said...

He should be flattered that someone is bothering to impersonate him. Funny how MJ didn't mind the supportive impersonators when he was on trial for molestation charges.

I'm an MJ fan, but sometimes, his ego, like many other celebs, can be an issue when it comes to dumb requests. Yeah, like GQ is going to pull their magazine.