Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear America,

I feel so bad leaving you all without a notice.

I'll write a short letter next weekend, I'll know that for sure, but right now I don't know when I will see a computer next.

I know I haven't missed anything. Crazy Tyra infiltrated 106 and Trash Park, Jade moved on to the final three in ANTM and Britney Spears is going to give birth to the second coming of the Omen. That's all I remember from this week.

I'm in the process of having Internet access installed in my house. Yay!

First, I have to get a new computer--I don't want to kiss ass and pay $250 again to the powers that be at our lame IT response center just to get the hinge of my laptop fixed. (They pay $250 for accidental water spills on laptops as well and they say that $250's affordable. My ass!) Then I will have Internet access.

Hopefully I'll be back before June and not staring in front of a library computer with a godforsaken one hour time limit.

I'm off to read the fourfour blog now! See y'all when I get back!


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