Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Re: Horseman: Impossible (2)

Little pony-man,

You are not Black.

You cannot say things like "Hey Kanye, see you in Harlem, brother" or "hey brother, we'll catch you up in Harlem. See you in Harlem" because there are some Black people that will beat your ass up (or, as Jossip says, shoot you).

And I thought your dance to this video on 106 Impossible or whatever name they tried to promote the Harlem House Party/Movie Premiere from Hell on BET was bad.

You are not black.

You cannot be down under any circumstances.

So for the love of America, please stop trying. You're making yourself dumber than you already are.

And in your case, getting dumber when you're already a nutjob isn't a good thing.

Penny Woods

(Pics: The Superficial, MS Special)


Brandon said...

Tom Cruise is the unsexiest man in the US.

Will said...

...and here I was thinking Tom Cruise could be anything he wanted to be. He can even read minds, you know.

The man is so far past losing it, I frankly don't know where he's at.

Penny Woods said...

Because am I bored, here's a link to his pathetic little dance.

The Hive Mind said...

He needs medication and a psychiatrist. Oh, my bad. He doesn't believe in them. Maybe he should take some vitamins instead.

Anonymous said...

i thought his dance was so funny. i'm still wondering how he knew the right dance to that song. he does have a black son who just might watch bet.