Thursday, May 25, 2006

Re: American Idol finale

Dear Fox,

You just happened to catch me at a bad time.

You see, BET had their panties all the way up in their crotches because I had the kindness of reposting an old 106 and Park interview with Mariah Carey for those who missed it. Copyright infringement. (Damn DMCA laws.)

Anyway, I attempted to see American Idol, and although I like Paris a lot, I had to bolt before her performance because of the beginning of a stream of special guests.

American Idol (or at least your finale last night) has turned into the Jabba the Hutt of reality shows.

You had 10,000 special guests last night from Burt Bacarach to Mary J. Blige to Prince (Prince?), pointless award ceremonies for (mostly) terrible singers that were bounced in the first episodes, and one bad musical moment after another for 1 hour and 56 minutes just to announce the most obvious announcement in the world--Taylor Hicks is our new American Idol.

I feel bad for Meredith Viera because she cried after she saw the results. No additional comment.

Next year, please don't make the finale of American Idol a sappy, inspirational musical from hell when American Idol is just your average reality TV show with tons of financial backing.

Then again, I'm sure y'all are ignoring me right now because as long as America is in love with Jabba the Hutt Idol, y'all will never make the format bearable for someone like me who has a passing interest in the show.

Penny Woods


Anonymous said...

BET is the worst network

hip hop

Penny Woods said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Long live TV1!