Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Re: You're embarrassing yourself

I thought yesterday was bad, Bobbi.

Today is even worse.

All these great women that surrounded your mother--Cissy Houston, Dione Warwick, Aretha Franklin--and you pick some random video ho (don't attempt to describe her to me) to be your idol. It brings a tear to my eye.

And you know (well at least America knows) I hate Media Take Out with a passion.

You're lucky I held over this picture from yesterday. God knows what type of damage I could have done with this one.

Penny Woods

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Penny Woods said...

The other picture without MEDIATAKEOUT.COM labels was a hold over from crunk and disorderly, where I saw the nightmare that was Bobbi Kristina (in a bathing suit, yesterday's post) first before A Socialite's Life, Perez Hilton etc. al. took it for their own.

Anita said...

Lord. Where is that child's mother? Oh, wait, that's right...nevermind.

Desmon said...

I wasn't looking like a hot H.A.M. when I was thirteen! BK needs to chill out for real. She's just adding fuel to her parents' already raging publicity fire.