Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Re: Your rap career

Kevin Federline,

Of all the people you could possibly blame, you're blaming the media for your decision to rap.

"I don’t have a choice. It’s not like I can go and do construction, start building houses in Malibu," K-Fed told Spin magazine. "They [The media] are forcing me to do this, and I am glad they are. I am more than happy to do it."

I thought your wife put her fat foot in your ass and told you to get a job so you could pay your own damn child support.

And I don't think by "job" she meant "already ridiculed rap career that will most likely flop."

No, you're not like other emcees that have a love of poetry, music and the art of rhyming itself (among other things not as petty as your excuse of attempting to be a rapper). You want to rap because the media is making fun of you for not bathing and mooching off of your wife's money while she sits at home gaining even more weight and taking care of your baby.

Instead of improving your image towards the media, you're providing them with more fuel to make fun of you with. More power to you, Federline.

I'll see you in the unemployement line looking for construction jobs in Malibu while I'm going to Starbucks one day! Can't wait!

Penny Woods

(Pics: Just Jared, MS Special)

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Miss Kitty said...

Thank you, Penny. You took the words right out of my mouth. :-) Love your blog!