Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Re: Negro Please

Dear Jamie Foxx,

You claim that you want to be R&B's savior.

You don't know that it's true, but you want to be R&B's savior.

"I'd like to say I'm R&B's savior. Whether that's the truth or not, I'm definitely going out there with my mic and my shield to declare, 'I am here to save R&B.' I will have the people saying, 'Sire, there is a man at the musical gates saying he is here to save R&B.'"

And when you get to those musical gates, I hope every singer and singing group you named-dropped in "Slow Jamz" and this article (yes, even a drug-free Mary J. Blige) beats you down with whatever weaponry they have at your imaginary musical gates.

Penny Woods

(Pics: The Guardian, MS Special)

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