Friday, April 07, 2006

Re: Your video

Trevor, honey,

You've already embarrassed yourself with those words about the gay fan.

You made yourself look like more of an ass with that trip to the Lotus.

Now the Best Week Ever Blog uncovered a video of you looking like a jackass reporter when a Ferrari crashed into Scott Storch's property.

Listen, motherfucker, saying motherfucker and bitches and shit when you're illegally filming a car crash with victims and cars and other motherfuckers and shit is not, um, funny and shit and I'm amazed you didn't get arrested and shit by those guys that aren't in Flipmode and shit but damn, they should have arrested you, motherfucker.

Penny Woods

(Pics:, MS Special)

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Penny Woods said...

Would have been up earlier, but I was listening to "Touch It."

And by "Touch It" I mean that 1998 Monifah song that runs circles around Busta's lame "Touch It" versions.