Thursday, April 06, 2006

Re: Your daughter

Dear Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay,

The Best Week Ever Blog quotes you in saying that you think Fez is the right guy for your daughter (who is probably not speaking to you right now, so why bother talking to the press?).

Did you not hear Fez on Howard Stern's show?

Oh, that's right! You're in jail!
You probably didn't hear Howard gripe about his fans not following him to Sirus Radio, either!

In fact, you won't even know about this letter until after you get out of jail and stare in front of a computer screen for hours.

Michael Lohan, it's just too obvious that Lindsay's not going to listen to you because you keep landing in and out of jail.

But you need to remember one thing before you whore yourself out to the press for attention--read a damn newspaper, because everybody outside the prison system knows that Fez is a ho.

Wait. You should have known that. Youza press ho. I thought it took a ho to know a ho. Oh, well...

Penny Woods

(Pics: E! Online, MS Special)


The Humanity Critic said...

I love Howard, but he didn't know what kind of gamble he was making when he moved to satellite radio?? Great post.

Anonymous said...

Howard wasn't complaining about people not following him to Siruis. Read the ACTUAL article in Entertainment Weekly. The AP tooks his quote from the article completely out of context and of course instead of journalists researching the information, they just ran with a inaccurate story.

Penny Woods said...

Does it bother you that most of your fans haven't followed you to Sirius?
I was just at my psychiatrist and I said, ''I just got great news: We hit the 4 million mark. And I'm angry. It should be 20 million.'' It's insulting to me that everyone hasn't come with me. I take it personally. The competitive thing is a sickness that eats at me. I want to say to my audience in this article, ''F--- you! You haven't come with me yet? How dare you?'' [Laughs] ''We're up to wild, crazy stuff, the show has never sounded better. You cheap bastard!''

Looks like the quote I saw at Oh No They Didn't.

That is, unless you'd like to counter with another arguement.


Anonymous said...

He explained it on his show. The [laughs]indicates a tounge in cheek response. He was obviously being sarcastic.He said he was very happy with the 4 million that followed him but being that he's a perfectionist even if 20 million had followed him he still wouldn't haven't been satisified.

Penny Woods said...

I conceed! I'm waving the white flag! But I'm not changing my post because flawed or not, I think it's fucking brilliant!