Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re: Your diamond in your tooth

Oh, dear, have to complete this before the outage at 5 PST (why is Blogger located on the West Coast? Doesn't work with my schedule...)

Dear P!nk or Pink or whatever the fuck your name is,

I remember you coming on TRL a while ago. I don't remember when. (It wasn't today's apperence--I had rehearsal. It's hard out here for an amateur [and not striving to get into the buisness] actress pretending to have ovarian cancer.) I think you were promoting "Stupid Girl" for your I'm Not Dead album, and you were bragging about having a diamond in one of your teeth or something like that.

Today I found a link at A Socialite's Life that says
you had swallowed the diamond by accident. I mean, damn, even Paul Wall would have told you not to put a diamond in your mouth, so no use in me telling you the same thing.

Just go to the jewelry store and tell 'em "make you a grill." When's the last time you heard about a rapper swallowing diamonds in their mouth?
I thought so. Plus, you can put more diamonds and jewels in your mouth, and you can even get gold and platinum in your grill! Sure, it looks disgusting. Sure, there hasn't been research done on what happens to teeth than are fitted with grills yet. But getting a grill is much, much more sanitary than going through your shit and looking for that diamond you swallowed. (That is, unless you're one of those Hollywood types that hires some inferior to do everything for you--in that case, go ahead. I won't stop you.)

Love the album, though,

Penny Woods

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