Friday, April 14, 2006

Re: Your Vibe interview (in part)

Dear Ne-Yo,

Damn. I almost thought you were 50 for a minute.

Fresh linked to an article that has you saying in Vibe that you're


and porn.

I don't know what that would actually create (other than you), but I'm pretty sure that it would be slimer than even Nickelodeon slime
and it wouldn't be singing "So Sick."

In addition, you say that you slept with every girl in your 11th grade class and you "help yourself" (link NSFW) nowadays as opposed to fucking a groupie.

Well, there goes people actually believing what you sung on "So Sick"--the girl in the song dumped you because you weren't helping yourself and you were fucking a groupie, so you had to find solace in somewhat ripping off "We Belong Together" because you knew that Mariah didn't get down with groupies because she doesn't have
groupies, she has Mark Sudack. Voila, clean cut image...until now! Brilliant!

You're well on your way to becoming this man

and making terrible, forgettable records like these after you get over your addiction.

That is, if you have a future after "So Sick" is off the radio and 106 and Trash Park.


Penny Woods

(Pics: AOL BlackVoices, The Catacomb (RIP), Wikipedia, Def Jam Records,, MS Special)


Anonymous said...

but hey @least ll looks a helluva lot better than ne-yo any day

GG said...

LMAO...Thank you, Penny!!!

The Black & Asian Bandit said...

Now THAT was the truth.....HE preached!!!!!

Rocka said...

Ok, that one made me giggle, I am DVR'ing Good Times 2night.

Lisa said...

LOL, LMAO - Dayum! That was truth, shaken not stirred!

Jacki said...

now that is some funny shit :)