Thursday, April 13, 2006

Re: The Expensive Snow Boots from Hell

Dearest Mimi,

I should be drooling all over you and praising you for your recent appearances on
TRL and 106 and Trash Park like all these fine bloggers here. (Including, reluctantly, Michael K. Keep your head up, buddy.)

I can't exactly bring myself to that point yet.

It's not your weight loss. I'm happy for your weight loss, and
unlike Natasha, I've reasoned that those nasty lines that those hi-res cameras picked up when you were on TRL came from bad tanning.

(I still like Natasha's blog, though.)

It's not the "Say Somethin'" video (which you can see from the DListed or the Young, Black and Fabulous links, or download it for free at Mariah Daily--what's the point of embedding the video in my blog and/or provide an additional link?). I think it's all right. Not exactly
"Shake It Off," which I thought had better lighting and was much more visual and clever, but I like it.

It's not your clothes.
Some people still don't like the clothes.

I don't mind all of that, though, except for one little fashion faux pas...
those damn Louis Vuttion boots.

I hate them. They are ugly. Beyond fugly. They're like the Expensive Snow Boots from Hell. Of course, you explained to the world's worst VJ (read: Big Tigger) and Julissa on 106 and Trash Park today that
...[The boots are] the only ones in the [States]. Louis Vuitton gave them to me when [I guess Paul Hunter and the minions that worked on the "Say Somethin'" video, although sometimes you use "we" to mean you] did the video, but [I guess Paul Hunter and the minions that worked on the "Say Somethin'" video] didn't really feature them in the video so I had to feature them today [on 106 and Trash Park].

They barely went with the ensembles you chose for TRL,

but they really don't go with a dress, let alone a purple dress.

I know, it's like a homage to former Mariahs: the late '90s Mariah

and the early 2000s Mariah

all wrapped into one 2006 Mariah.

It's brilliant.

However, dahling,
please spare me the Expensive Snow Boots from Hell.

Unless you use the Expensive Snow Boots from Hell and kick Big Tigger in the balls for opening his mouth on any and everything he's done on BET.

I still love you,
dahling, no matter what,

Penny Woods

(Pics: whatever those watermarks say on the pictures, my own screencap via Mariah Daily, MS Special)

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Natasha said...

Oooh thanks for linking to me Penny. Oh, and leave my girl B and her "writing skills" alone. hehe. Holla back.