Thursday, April 13, 2006

Re: "Baby Boy"

Dear Beyonce,

I thought seeing all these pictures of you at the beach everywhere (with Jay-Z to boot) was bad.
Now you're being accused of not writing a song--in this case, the putrid "Baby Boy."

Look, I never expected you to write songs like Bob Dylan, let alone Mariah Carey.

But I'm amazed that someone else possibly wrote such genius lines as "Baby boy you stay on my mind/Fulfill my fantasies/I think about you all the time/I see you in my dreams."

You should have hired that woman to write your whole Dangerously in Love album--it would be 10 times more listenable and memorable for all the right reasons and not because you're trying to
tell us how much you're in love with Jay-Z through astrology. I mean, all you could have done is went to and figured it out for yourself instead of waiting several minutes of our lives trying to figure your relationship out on record (quite badly, I may add).

Penny Woods

(Pics: Beyonce World via A Socialite's Life, MS Special)

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The LoveHater said...

OMG I have been waiting for someone to say this somewhere! All the GAY BLACKS are sooo Beyoncestruck they don't see that here songs aren't even as intelligent as most nursery rhymes! Kelly Rowland's CD was much better writing wise and had some jams on it, but you know they wont let her be bigger than "big sis."