Monday, April 17, 2006

Re: Brooke

Dearest Mary,

Saw that "Enough Cryin'" video today. It's not my favorite song off The Breakthrough, but it's a nice song, a good choice for a second single.

I actually watched the video because it wasn't 100% weird letterbox picture-in-picture stuff. Hype cut back that weird letterbox picture-in-picture stuff from this video by 15%. I'm impressed.

What I'm not impressed with, however, is Brooke.

I'm aware of your history as a rapper. I owned What's the 411 and I thought you did an okay job with the rapping on that album.

Recently with The Breakthrough, you returned to rapping. That's fine.

But now you're rapping under the alter ego Brooke (or so I assume).

This boggles my mind, because, you know, Brooke didn't exist when you started rapping, and now you want to rap as someone else...why? So you can seperate Mary the singer from Brooke the rapper? Just thinking about it is slowly making my brain split apart!

I mean, it's you rapping, right? And you write the lyrics for your raps, right? But you're not performing them, Brooke is performing them. It's like you want to be Jay-Z and a young Foxy Brown at the same time, except you're one person, and they're two...


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Miss Ahmad said...

this one gave me a headache as well!

i can't really get into the whole alter ego thing. it's little too Mariah pre nervous break down for me!

Yeah, I said it! said...

which came first
chris gaines
garth brooks
who cares?
dont do it mary dont do it!