Friday, April 21, 2006

Re: Your feud with Romeo and Master P

Dear, er, um, Bow Wow,

Once again you can't keep your mouth closed.

You're trying to diss Romeo and Master P because you're an idiot.

I resent using "idiot." In your case, it's a complement.

"I can't understand all this, but I guess that's how it is when you ain't getting no attention," Bow Wow told "You can hear me on the radio all day, every day. You [Lil' Romeo] can't sell no records, and your daddy is on Dancing With the Stars."

Um, Junior? Your last record sold 119,769 in its first week. I can name 10 artists that sold more than you did in the first week last year, rap or otherwise.

And I don't hear your shit on the radio everyday, let alone BET or MTV.

And this, other than being a terrible music video, is a plea for "attention?" Oh, please!

"The crazy part is the line that got them all bent outta shape was an old LL line ("The Do Wop" from LL Cool J's 1987 album Bigger and Deffer). That shows how much they know about Hip-Hop."

Well, Junior, not exactly. LL (when LL put out decent records) said "And I'm only 18 makin' more than your pops." You said "18 nigga makin' more than yo dad, see?" If you're tryin' to claim that you're biting someone, make sure you're biting them right, fool.

"If Romeo wanna make some real money, come sign with me...Then, he wouldn't have to pull these stunts 'cause there ain't No Limit over here."

Moron, who died and made you Jermaine Dupri?

Please, please shut the fuck up. You're about thisclose to working at an Ohio area McDonalds. Hell, after Beware of Dog you should have been preparing to work at McDonalds. You'd better prepare to either cook fries in the back, take cash at the register or sweep the PlayPlace area soon, because one day your female fans are not going to buy your records anymore, and I'm not buying any of your records to help you out.

Penny Woods

(Pics:, MS Special)


The Hive Mind said...

First off, this beef is dumb.

Two, I think Bow Wow hooked up with Ciara to get more publicity. When he realized NOBODY CARED, he broke up with her.

Three, he needs to stop trying to be gangsta. Give a lil nicca some grills, and he think he all hard now.

Finally, if it wasn't for Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow would have faded into obscurity a long, long time ago...kinda like Kris Kross did. And to be honest, I wish he would!

I don't like Lil Romeo, but he did come off sounding way more mature and level headed than Bow Wow on his 106 & Park appearance. He actually thought about things before saying them, unlike lil mutt.

Anonymous said...

LoL I just have to say that I cruise a lot of blogs and this has got to be my most favorite one now. Perez who?

Anonymous said...

just posted this on another site:

ok i'm late on this one. (sorry, i dont keep up with grade school beef).

on 1 side u got bow wow who's from the 'burbs of ohio and has had all his lyrics written for him since he came out. and then theres romeo who aint never had it rough cause his dad had bank from his no limit soldier label. aint nothing cornier than 2 lil surburban thugs arguing over who's more "gangsta".


Reese The Law Girl said...


If you're trying to present yourself as "grown" and get away from the kiddie image, why do you have beef with little kids?


Penny Woods said...

First off, you don't have to come here. For you to complain...LAME!

Second of all, it's Bow Wow's fault the public knows all about his beef with the tabloid rags, not mine. Someone needs to tell his ass to grow up, and it may as well be me.

Third, who said I was presenting an image of "grown and sexy" other than you? LAME, LAME, LAME!

Anonymous said...

ummm...i think "reese the law girl" was referring to bow wow. at least thats how i read it.

Penny Woods said...

If it is, my apologies to Reese in advance. I'm having PMS and I woke up at 9 after waking up at 6, 7, and 8 for unknown reasons. :)

Anonymous said...

Chill Penny, I don't think anyone is calling YOU lame.

PS~ I like your blog and if you can get ahold of that Musiq butchering the national anthem you'll have a fan for life.

Penny Woods said...

^I know, right? That would make my day!

Penny Woods said...

Once again I've rejected yet another trolling comment on my blog. (sighing).

And I just put a post about if you don't like it here, stay the fuck away! Damn!