Thursday, April 20, 2006

Re: Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Dear NBC, my latest entity-turned famous person,

After successful rating shares against (ick) American Idol, you've cancelled Celebrity Cooking Showdown.

I mean, honestly, a show where judges would favor Ashley Parker Angel over Patti LaBelle in cooking had little chances of survival.

Some pathetic former O-Town star who's only big on MTV because of his TV show and his rip-off of the Foo Fighters (and has no cooking experience to boot except for working with Wolfgang Puck) wins in a cooking competition over a woman that has published cookbooks and has her own show (where she so happens to cook on occasion) on TV One?

Your judges must spend their days in restaurants not watching any TV at all, let alone anything oriented to African-Americans.

Oh, wait...

and Gael (the female judge), you might not want to not buy your hats directly from the funeral parlor. Thank you.

Penny Woods

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