Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Re: The Lotus

Dear Trevor Smith, better known as Busta Rhymes,

I completely missed this item this morning, if only because people were linking it for the reunion of Naomi Campbell and Nelson Mandela, misleading us, the humble reader, for some sort of confrontation that would have required a Bloodmobile nearby.

I was reading A Socialite's Life and they had linked to Yeeeah!, which posted this tidbit about you:

Rhymes arrived at Meatpacking hot spot Lotus Sunday in a Rolls-Royce Phantom and made sure to hug his fans on the dance floor on his way to the VIP banquette. “He was supersweet to the staff,” one spy tells us. “He left them a huge tip.”

Look, dude. Going to an area of New York called the Meatpacking District and hugging your fans in a club does not mean that all of a sudden that you're not a homophobe.

You'll only convince America that you're not a homophobe if you go through some ally training, march in a few gay pride parades, join GLAAD, whack Eminem in the head and burn down Rolling Stone for their fanboy reviews of Eminem's albums.

Although, you know, everyone would love you (regardless of sexual orientation) if you torched the Rolling Stone offices...and the MTV studio offices for good measure before MTV can rebuild the Rolling Stone offices.

Okay, everyone that hates Rolling Stone and/or MTV. But still...you would be a hero. Think about it!

Penny Woods

(Pics: Ironically, MTV.com, MS Special)

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