Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dear Brandy,

You know on Oprah today they're supposed to have a girl that clawed one of her eyes out and her mother as guests.

And Brandy, I feel like I want to be that girl right now.

I mean, was it not enough for you to give some girl weaves on Tyra's show?

And now, you had to look like this for some photo shoot?

You look like a transexual woman trying to pull tricks for the cameras of American Pimp 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Maybe you should go back to Tyra and ask her for tips on how to model for lingerie.

Or even better, you can ask Tyra to take your place in a photo reshoot of this picture! I mean, it's not like Tyra's doing anything right now except her talk show...which is about America's Next Top Model and making weird faces. Tyra needs the money, Brandy! Let her have some!

Penny Woods

(Pics: Concrete Loop, MS Special)

(And, of course, there's this post at crunk and disorderly...)

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boogie tonight V2 said...

lmao.. brandy needs to phone home like ET...