Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Re: "Annie Rexia"

Dearest Quincy Jones,

I don't know how to start this letter but
  1. I love your music, and if I had less restraint, I would be gushing about it for 2,000+ words, and
  2. I wish my aunt gave me her copy on Back on the Block.

Anyway, Mariah Daily has posted yet another Jasmine's Juice in which Jasmine Dotiwala presents her somewhat fanboyish escapades with Mariah (again). (And very much like Jasmine, I would be gushing and making very, very nice articles about her if I met her and became one of her best friends too. That will be the day where I will cease work on this blog via a hospital bed because Mariah was leaning on me a bit too much, i.e. this still from her video "Fantasy."

But I still love Mariah.)

Anyway, Jasmine reports that you called Mariah "Annie Rexia..."

Looking fit and glowing, [Mariah] did her thing all night till 8am and still looked fine...But afterwards Quincy kept calling her ‘Annie Rexia’ due to her ultra fit and slim new physique. He insisted she should eat some more food.

and Jasmine agreed with you.

Bravo Mr Jones! The press are constantly picking on her curves which, to most folks, is derogatory to a woman of colour who is born to be curvy. Also answer me this, why are Beyoncé's curves celebrated and Mariah's criticised?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be calling Mariah an anorexic yet.

You could call this woman "Annie Rexia" and be dead on.

You could call this woman "Annie Rexia" because, well, she recently admitted she was.

But I wouldn't be calling Mariah "Annie Rexia" because, well, she's not Nicole Richie sized yet, and remember, this is the woman quoted as being afraid to lose her ass, so I doubt she'll be Nicole Richie sized.

And tell Jasmine that people hate Mariah's curves not because they're there, but because she has that mentality to play dress-up, like Barbies.

By the way, pictures of her at Antigua just came out. A perfect time to illustrate Mariah's theory of dressing up like Barbies. Please note the bejeweled butterfly tattoo in the picture.

I couldn't resist.

And some people don't like her playing dress-up in halter tops and bikinis and Daisy Dukes like (Hot Ass Mess [HAM]) Barbies. If Jasmine can't deal with it, she could always work for Naomi Campbell--I take that back. She could always work with Tyra Banks on her talk show. That would be punishment enough for anybody. I'm amazed that all these girls on the America's Next Top Model cycles survive occasionally seeing her face.


Penny Woods

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Penny Woods said...

Don't know if he was joking (he possibly was), but I'm sure someone will point that out with me and get all upset...