Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Re: Comments and whether the blog owner is really famous

Dear America,

I think most of you know this, but this bears repeating after someone left me a comment with their e-mail address hoping to meet Janet Jackson.
  1. I'm not famous. I had to alter my profile after two preteens somehow obtained my AIM from somewhere and thought I was Omarion or Kelly Clarkson or whoever's on TRL. (Speaking of, Mariah Carey will be on hand tomorrow to premiere her video "Say Something." If you can stand yet another single from her, watch tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. It was today--I hope I didn't mislead you.) I've altered it again after that comment I recently got.
  2. Comments with personal information in the post will be automatically rejected. This does not mean I'll reject comments left by Blogger users--to get the e-mail or the AIM or whatever from a Blogger user, you would have to check out their profile. However, if the post directly has an e-mail address, an AIM or anything else that could potentially expose a commenter to spammers and scammers and the like, it goes in the trash bin forever. This is part of the reason why I monitor comments--I care about my commenters. That is, until I get disrespected and then my claws come out.
  3. This should go under "I'm not famous," but I'm not Janet Jackson either. You know where it says in my profile that I'm a student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and that I now live in Chapel Hill, NC? I'm not lying. I've never been to the Left Coast in my life. I have no idea what Sunset Boulevard or the Valley looks like but Janet would because she's lived in LA for the majority of her life. And besides, Janet would be way too busy to run a blog like mine.
  4. For that matter, I'm not Mariah Carey either. And I've never been to New York (the city or the state) or Capri in my life, so don't ask.
  5. "First" comments get thrown in the trash bin too. I haven't been getting these, but several thousand blogs get "first" comments all the time, so I'm just warning you in advance.
That's all for right now. I'm gearing up for post #100, which should feature Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson and one of those cakes that has a stripper in it, but trust me, it'll be less exciting than that.

Penny Woods

(Pics: The Open Clip Art Gallery, MS Special)

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