Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Re: 50 Cent

Oh, dear, not you again.

You really love 50 Cent, do you?

I don't get what you see in 50 Cent. God knows he goes against your whole "I love the kids!" motif.

Now you claim you're going to work with him on his new album (or at least Billboard.com thinks you are).

very much like some of the people that were on your latest charity single, has not confirmed or denied working with you.

Considering the fact that you haven't made a good album since the 80s and that big "What More Can I Give" single isn't widely available anywhere but
YouTube, I don't blame him.

UPDATE: I hate you, random prankster gossiper.

Penny Woods

(Pics: michaeljackson.com, MS Special)


The Hive Mind said...

I'm an MJ fan, but he really needs to get it together. His life is in a downward spiral, kinda like Whitney.

You're right in saying his best work was in the 80s thanks to Quincy Jones, but he did manage to put out a few singles here and there afterwards that were good but not great.

Maybe MJ is trying to latch on to a big name and generate some buzz for his comeback album, hence his sudden interest in 2 quarters or 5 dimes...whatever you prefer.

The LoveHater said...

I wonder if Michael Jerkson thinks that if he wears the same clothes and does the same dance moves from the 80's he'll still be on top of the charts? Well, Mike, time travel doesn't work that way. Penny, tell your brother [oops] tell Ms jackson he's played and tired!

I think I know why he likes 50¢ so much; although he is not a child he reads at a first grade level.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Lovehater

Damn, each and one of your attempts in your comment to diss Mike are so LAME, I'm seriously trying to hold in my laughter lol.

MJ isnt working with 50 Cent. It's was a hoax, and everyone fell for it. Search MTV.com for the article.

Same dance moves from the 80s? Really, interesting. Is that an attempt to say he's outdated? Well considered that all the ghetto-teenybopper R&B artists STILL jock his "80s dance moves", than hell; that cant be so bad right? Wears the same clothes? Aint nothing wrong with a jacket and some pants m'dude, lol

He reads at a first grade level...omg, you are so terrible at jokes. Stop that, you're embaressing only yourself lol

-Love Michael, Janet and Xena. Holla!