Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Re: People that hate my blog and are mature enough to tell me "it sucks"

I've said it before, and know I'll get it again, but I had to after some moron left a comment that I didn't publish on my blog. (It's not the Reese the Law Girl thing. For that, I still apologize.)

Dear Anonymous Twit, Infamous Person of the Day,

If you hate my blog so much, why did you leave a message saying "everyone in the world" hates my blog (other than the fact that I'm guessing you're about 13 years old and barely able to surf the Internets by your lonesomes)?

I've got quite a few fans, you know. (Check some previous comments.) You don't speak for the world. When you become the world's spokesperson, let me know, okay? Scan some document on a scanner and have every prime minister and president sign it and then let me see it. Then I'll believe my blog "sucks."

You don't like my blog and you don't have any constructive criticism other than "OMG, you suck?" Go away. Nobody asked you to be here.

At least I didn't say "Hey, world, I invite you to come to my blog and say 'OMG, it sucks!'"

That other anonymous person that runs this blog and apparently sucks, according to you

(Pic: MS Special)


Saun said...

I've never understood that. If they hate it so much why even waste the energy to write a comment.

I'm not worried. I know you aren't going any where. Keep the letters comin'.

Tiffanie said...

I like your blog. I read it everyday and I check in often for undates.

I don't understand people. If they don't like the contents of your blog then why not just go another site instead of wasting time telling you. This a free country, you not forcing your convesations on them.
Haters are going to always hate!!

I think your format is unique and enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

i find you hilarious penny woods. keep up the good work. these celebrities need your help.

The Hive Mind said...

I find your blog enjoyable. Whoever this person is, they obviously had a tall glass of Haterade when they left that comment.

Anonymous said...

hilarious. i like it!

Get Ya Mind Right Chick said...

You are alright at times but then again you know you be mutting. i mean for real. You need to QUIT IT because while you on here selling out you need to be getting a make over. Chick i seen your myspace. OH BOY!!! Those pictures of you CRACKED ME UP. I just knew you where cute with hair down your back and slim. BOY Was I WRONG!! I mean for real you're like 40 sumthing sitting on the internet selling out people that make more money that yo broke self. Get ya mind right and QUIT HATING.

Penny Woods said...

^No, I'm actually 21, a broke college student that would like to put ads on her blogs but can't due to dorm restrictions and pictures of myself (and, uh, yeah, they're not pictures of myself, duh) on MySpace but I don't have a camera and I don't want people on my Facebook to know who I am, and I don't "hate." I don't like the state of some of where pop culture is going today. You don't like it, uh, "get your mind right, chick" and get the hell on.

Or, in other words, did you even read the post? (shakes head)