Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Re: Your gaydar

Dear Trevor Smith, better known as Busta Rhymes,

It's bad enough that I have to endure that horrible whisper-rap-then-YELL-RAP!-
Daft Punk-jackin' "Touch It" and its remix.

Yes, you dedicated the remix video to
Israel "Izzy" Ramirez. Although you could have done more and cooperated with the police surrounding his death, that was a nice tribute (unfortunately, to a terrible song).

Recently you were in Miami and you just happened to freak out at the sight of a gay man, even cursing their existance.

Thing is, didn't you know you were in the vicinity of a gay club?

Has the yelling in "Touch It" seriously dulled your gaydar or something? If I was homophobic (which I am not), I would have sensed the presence of gay men inside the diner and ran out the door.

Since you went into the diner not sensing the presence of gay men, you should have been man enough to give your gay fan an autograph or a photo--at least some sort of memento. Knowing gay men does not mean you'll become gay (or have a gay encounter--I bet that's what you were thinking when you freaked out! For a rapper, you really have some small blue balls).

Penny Woods

(Pics: Page Six, MS Special)

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