Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Re: This

Dearest Whitney,

I first heard over at Gawker, but this morning, they didn't have the pictures up.

I'm putting up the pictures they got from the National Examiner (The other sites I frequent had the other two pictures, but not the cover).

I mean, there's no concrete proof that you own this mess above and we can't tell if
this "Tina" that claims she knows you is lying.

If it's true, you need help.

If not, schedule a press conference on BET soon, because this will make everyone who thinks that you're doing it believe it even more so.

Penny Woods

(Pics: Gawker, MS Special)


Penny Woods said...

There's more Tina tales at
Sadly found via Perez Hilton...if that bastard stole my pictures, I'll kic his balls in if I ever meet him.

Penny Woods said...

Kick, kids, kick. You know what I meant. Kick his balls in.

Penny Woods said...

More fun via the PEN15 Club: