Thursday, March 30, 2006

Re: Yet another shout-out

Dear America,

The special Britney Spears-filled episode of Will and Grace has ended and I'm trying to get the vomit taste out of my mouth.

I'm guessing whoever cast her thought that Crossroads was supposed to be funny instead of unintentionally tragic.

No, not because of the ending, which is not that tragic, but because Britney Spears and her co-stars thought they could act--a complete travesty.

It is now time to bring back the "notes" again...

and thank Rich at fourfour for putting me on his blogroll.

And I welcome anyone visiting me from fourfour or Concrete Loop, or crunk and disorderly.

I'm off to pose with Quincy Jones now (or so I wish).


Penny Woods

(Pics: The Open Clip Art Gallery, Just Jared, Mariah Daily, and, as usual, MS Special)

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