Sunday, March 19, 2006

Re: Feed & the Mariah Carey video that was fierce!

Dear America,

This is a test post to check out my blasted FeedBurner feed. I have republished a few classics that can be found in last's month's archive: "Fly Like A Bird" and "Usage of Maria, Maria and Mariah." I fear that linking them will cause havoc to my feed and some moronic FeedBurner official to leave a comment about I'm using Microsoft Word when I haven't used Microsoft Word to put anything up yet on this blog. If they wreck my feed again I will let you know.

I am also working on an apology for the lost "Heartbreaker" remix video below (for the "You're Fierce" post). My heart is broken that it may be lost forever except in the minds of the lucky people who saw it when it was up.

UPDATE: I have found the video and I put it back in the post! It should work this time--I uploaded it!

Penny Woods

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