Sunday, March 19, 2006

Re: Dook (again)

Dear America,

Being the asshole that I am, I will not publish pro-Dook comments on my blog unless you can support your claims that Dook is the best.

UCONN all the way (I even had that in my pre-tourney bracket, suckas),

Penny Woods

PS: I'm putting my "About Me" photo back up eventually--my image host, Walagata, has decided to close all free accounts at the end of this month. Assholes.

No more updates here tonight. I will stop being so damned serious and upset. New letters tomorrow.


zillz aka tie granny up said...


aren't you a Tarheel fan? okay granted your team lost it's best 7 players from a year ago. But damn...a premiere ACC team, hell A STORIED, LEGENDARY NATIONAL CHAMPION DYNASTY couldn't beat a CAA team???

I'm just giving you the businesssssssss since you won't publish my pro devils comment. :)

them patriots hurt.
lovin ya blog.

Penny Woods said...

It's okay. I got a certain comment that was much, much worse than this one.

And for the record, I was there for the first historic ass-whooping of George Mason in the Dean Dome (yeah, we beat them before).