Monday, February 27, 2006

Re: "Forbidden Love"

Dear, er, um, Madge,

I'm not a big fan of yours, okay, but I like the majority of your output (until American Life, amazingly enough).

Last year I heard your duet with your new god producer Stuart Price called "Forbidden Love." All I can remember is his part in that song and "Forbidden love" in the chorus.

Recently I made good on my promise to buy Bedtime Stories.

Guess what, Madge?

You have a song called "Forbidden Love" on Bedtime Stories!

And guess what, Madge?

Come on, Madge, guess, guess, guess!

The "Forbidden Love" on Bedtime Stories is better than the "Forbidden Love" on Confessions on a Dance Floor!

Madge, how could you forget such a thing?

The next time you work with a producer, maybe it's best to look at your back catalogue. And remind yourself of what song titles you have used in the past. That way you won't confuse your fans that, if you told them, would not believe Madonna is the name of one of your albums. (They know who they are.)

Penny Woods

(Pics: all about Madonna, MS Special)

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nOva said...

I own both albums and it never even occured to me!